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Early in 2016, Tsog and Tumur had a discussion about to around Mongolia by All-Terran Vehicle (ATV) and Side-by-Side Vehicle (SxS). A focal point of this discussion shifted to establish the Travel Company called Four Wheeler Limited. Then we officially established the company in January 2017. In the beginning year, we started a Side-by-Side vehicle (UTV Rental) rental and later on offered a Full-Day Adventure Tour. Since 2019 we fully changed the adventure vehicles to ATV from SSV. It means more adventure and less tour capacity. 

Now Four Wheeler LLC is offering adventure tours to wild, beautiful and unique destinations in Mongolia by fully equipped all-terrain vehicles (ATV) and Mountain Bike (MTB). We are specializing on a private tour and tailor-made tours just for your interests. By traveling with ATV you will be able to reach the most amazing places of Mongolia where you will taste beauties of mother nature. In the end, you will have a great and unforgettable experience by challenging yourself in toughness off-road conditions.


Lead by "Customers Reviews" in the industry. 

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If you think about the adventure travel, then Mongolia should be on your bucket list. We offer real adventure tours with fully-equipped off-road vehicles called all-terrain vehicle which takes you to the unique destination in Mongolia. Also, we can arrange additional services which are Private Bodyguard Service, Hunting Tour, Logistics, Project and Culture Connect, etc. 

The weather of Mongolia challenges yourself in different conditions and different places. We proudly say those destinations are unique in the world. 

  • The Gobi Desert (Говь) is the most famous place to travel in the World. The Gobi Desert is the source of many important fossil finds, including the first dinosaur eggs. Imagine riding across the Gobi by dirt bike and side-by-side vehicle. 

  • Lake Khuvsgul is the second-largest freshwater lake in World. Khuvsgul is one of seventeen ancient lakes in the world, being more than 2 million years old, and the most pristine. Imagine traveling around the lake by horse, dirt bike, side by side vehicle and car, etc. 

  • Menen Steppe - It locates in eastern Mongolia where you can find a Buir Lake. It's a total of 570,374 hectares of the area around Menen steppe. You can feel the endless grassland here. 

  • Eagle Hunters Land - Hunting with the eagle is a traditional art of the Eurasian steppes, particularly defined as “Horse Riding Falconry” or “The Eagle Falconry” in Central Asia. It is a type of falconry.

  • Nomadic Lifestyle - Traditionally, Mongolian nomads raise 5 species of livestock known as the 5 muzzles: horses, cows or yaks, sheep, goats, and camels. Reindeers are raised by the Tsaatan people who live in the northwest areas around lake Khovsgol bordering the Russian Siberia. Mongolia is the land of the horse. 

  • Surely this is the land of Blue Sky

Tumur Төмөр

He graduated from South High School in Denver, Colorado. Then he enrolled Wilbur Wright Community College of Chicago as an architect. And later he studied Tourism and Hospitality Management at Royal Academy in Mongolia. Currently, he works in the Four Wheeler as Advisor.


Tsog Chimeg-Ochir, 34, is CEO of Four Wheeler Limited. and General manager of ECFix Mongolia 100% Foreign-Invested Company located in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Tsog is a graduate of University of Finance and Economics, where he received a Bachelor of Economics in Business Economics.

After graduation, Tsog launched his career in XacBank as Asset Liability Manager for 2 years.  Then he served 5 years as General Manager at a start-up company called DDishTV which is a National Satellite TV Operator /DTH/.


He started own business and worked as Chief Executive Officers are in distributor and representative of telecommunication, a Non-Banking Financial Institution and an IT support. Since 2017 he focuses on tourism, especially Adventure Travel. Tsog established an Adventure Travel joint-venture company called Four Wheeler Limited. 

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