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1.    Only adult riders who have signed the Rental Agreement and Waiver of Liability (“Agreement”), or a minor whose parent or guardian has signed the Agreement on their behalf, shall operate any ATV, SxS/UTV/ or other rental vehicle.
2.    A helmet must be worn fastened at all times while operating an ATV, or other vehicle!! Additionally wearing chest protectors, gloves, goggles, knee and elbow pads, long pants, long sleeve shirt or jacket, and over the ankle boots will greatly reduce risk of injury.
3.    Do not operate any ATV in a manner other than with both hands on the handlebars, both feet on the pegs. Do not operate any SxS/UTV/ until all occupants are properly seat belted.
4.    No drugs or alcohol consumption before or during use and possession of rented ATV, SxS/UTV/ or other vehicle and equipment.
5.    Obey all posted signs. Do not ride faster than posted speed limits.
6.    Do not carry passengers other than as originally mounted on the vehicle with the equipment assigned. NO RIDING DOUBLE ON ATVS DESIGNED FOR 1 PERSON. Follow manufactures seating requirements.
7.    Ride at your current skill level. Don’t push your limit! Be careful. 
8.    Do not ride outside designated OHV areas or trails. They are clearly marked.  
9.    Do not ride in the water, wet sand or mud. It corrodes the machine. You will be charged for cleanup each machine!
10.    The minimum rollover charge for any ATV, SxS/UTV/ is MNT5,000,000 plus the cost to repair the damages – parts at retail price, labor at MNT80,000 per hour and vehicle downtime at the daily rental rate. If a rollover or tip over occurs where the damage disables the vehicle, the remainder of your time is downtime and no substitute vehicle will be given. This is not limited to tipping or flipping the vehicle on its side or top.
11.    Respect people’s campsites and do not endanger the campers, their kids or pets. The speed limit around campsites and on the beach is 30 kmh.
12.    Do not participate in any race or other contest involving ATV, /SxS/UTV/’s or other vehicles.
13.    Do not tow other ATV, /SxS/UTV/ or other vehicles and do not have them tow you and your rental ATV, /SxS/UTV/ or rental vehicles. 
14.    Watch out for drop-offs and sand bowls. They can vary from one foot to 80 feet. Be very careful! 
15.    Watch out for rocks and ruts while riding in the desert. Hitting rocks/sharp objects can ruin tires and damage the suspension of your rental. You are responsible for all tire damage that occurs during your rental.
16.    Be aware of other riders and vehicles. Conditions can become crowded very quickly. 
17.    Ride prepared. Bring a charged cell phone, suitable clothing, maps and bottled water.
18.    Do not attempt steep trails when you do know where they end up. Being trapped at bottom of a canyon can lead to expensive recovery bill for your machine.
19.    Do not park and leave vehicle or equipment unattended. Stay with your vehicle. You are responsible if your ATV/UTV disappears.
20.    In case of a breakdown, call your rental location listed on the yellow sticker on your vehicle or speak with a park ranger. Do not leave a disabled vehicle alone at any time. Additional rental time will be allocated for time lost due to a breakdown for the rider of the down vehicle only. 
The operator phone number: 8888-3888
21.    Anyone not following these rules or caught speeding or riding without a helmet, will be escorted back to Steve’s ATV and the remainder of their riding time will be forfeited.
22.    Vehicles are to be returned on time or additional fees will be charged.
23.    There are no refunds for early returns. 
24.    There are no refunds due to weather changes. 
25.    You must return to refuel every 3 hours.
26.    Always take care of our equipment. Please drive carefully, these razors cost over $10,800 each. If you damage it or total it today, we expect you to pay for it today.
27.    Never ever jump this vehicle. It will land on its nose. Damaging the suspension or frame is expensive. It will cost you parts labor and down time.
28.    Never make aggressive turns or donuts, the tires can come off the rims and cause this vehicle to tip over or roll over. Our roll over fee is a minimum of MNT5,000,000 even if it goes on its side. The tire fee is between MNT50,000 – 150,000 to clean out and re-mount the tire.
29.    Getting stuck and trying to drive out is the number one cause of belt failures. Prolong driving under 10 miles an hour in high range will also destroy the belt. There is a MNT900,000 charge to replace the belt.
30.    Be aware of your terrain. Do not go up, down or sideways on steep inclines. Explore your terrain before traveling at higher speeds. Watch ahead for other vehicles. Sudden drop offs are everywhere. 
31.    Always instruct and ensure that everybody is properly seat belted in and knows their proper hand hold. Never allow passengers to hold on to roll bars or door frames. Always ensure all passengers are wearing helmets and that the helmets are strapped on properly. 
32.    Passengers should be able to reach hand holds and place feet on the floor with seat belts fastened. We do not recommend or allow small children to ride in car seats. Never put a child in your lap to help you drive
33.    If you hear or feel anything that seems like you have a mechanical problem developing please stop and call us to prevent further damage.
34.    Always stay out of the areas we have outlined to prevent unnecessary risk of damage or collision or injuries. There is a MNT500,000 towing charge if we have to tow you out.
35.    When shifting gears, always make sure the vehicle is stopped. Always ensure engine is at idle always move shifter gently. Never engage the all-wheeldrive while the wheels are spinning. Severe damage to transmission differential or drive-line can occur.
36.    We reserve the right to further inspect and revise our estimate of damages after your ride. You are responsible for everything that gets broke during your rental it is not covered by any insurance.
37.    Do not allow underage drivers to drive the vehicle. Our minimum age is 25 to drive are SxS/UTV/ never allow anyone who has not signed our agreement to ride or drive this vehicle.
38.    Always remember the 30 km an hour speed limit on the beach or within 200 meters of other campers. It is easy to forget your speed. 
39.    This operation rule is the part of rental agreement. 





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